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November 4th: Arrival Day 

Be shown rooms, introductions, house made drinks and light healthy snacks 

Dinner Talk: Set the tone for the retreat. Discuss itinerary, hand out sign-up sheet for workouts/day trip. Light evening walk to follow.

Dinner: Pumpkin soup.  Jerk Chicken


November 5th

Exercise: Upper body workout. Get everyone moving after travel.

Nutrition: Post-workout nutrition. Handouts Provided.

Meditation: Group meditation session.  Learn how to achieve inner peace.

Dinner: Red Snapper/ Yellow tail Tuna (over eggplant and zucchini)


November 6th

Exercise: Lower body workout. Bigger muscle groups mean more calories burnt.

Nutrition Topic: Balanced meals. (Hand guide for portion control with relation to the meal in front of you. Handouts Provided

Meditation: To be done on your own based upon teachings

Meal Plan Review: One on One/Couple sessions on previous Dietitian plan

Dinner: Lamb

November 7th

Exercise: Yoga class

Nutrition: Balanced smoothies. It is more than just fruit!

Day Trip:  Negril, Y&S Falls, Dunn’s River, Luminous Lagoon

Dinner: Offsite

November 8th

Exercise: Core workout. Talk about importance of core strength in everyday life, especially as we age.

Nutrition Topic: Emphasize the importance of nutrition on results.  

Cooking class: Lobster or Traditional Jamaica fare. 

Meditation: To be done on your own based upon teachings

Dinner:  (Lobster when in season)


November 9th

Exercise: Cardiovascular health day. Group walk through the Tryall country club. 

Nutrition Topic: Importance of hydration.

Water Yoga: To be done as a group.

Dinner: Shrimp/Cashew Stir-fry


November 10th

Exercise: Total body workout. Putting everything together and teaching how to structure a workout.

Nutrition Topic: Impacting your metabolism. Handout provided. 

Meditation/Yoga:  Based upon previous teachings

Dinner: Chicken Cordon Blue

November 11th: Departure Day

Exercise: Cardiovascular health day. Group morning walk.

Meditation: To be done on your own based upon teachings

Reflection: How was the trip? 

The following is an example itinerary for what you can expect out of an 8-day retreat. 

Pre-Trip: All the Following will be booked prior.

  1. Medical Assessment. Client choice of 3 or hour 5 executive medical

  2. Follow up appointment. Discuss medical results with Dr. or Executive Nurse.

  3. Trainer Contact. Discuss fitness goals.  For trip and long term

  4. Dietitian Contact. Discuss goals, create meal plan for said goals.

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